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  • Paulie at The Fremont Diner, Sonoma CA
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  • Pashon Murray - Detroit Dirt

Annie is attracted to the sunny side of life; her work is inspired by personal connection and humor.



Good design happens when it becomes a lifestyle; Annie curates the individual style for each of her clients. Scouting, producing, directing, archiving or using her sensibilities and eye as a photographer, she offers solutions to help her clientele realize their vision - inspired by elements that are personal, non-generic and full of meaning.



Whether selecting wardrobe, scouting a location or staging an interior, Annie works to fulfill every element from art direction, shooting scripts and story boards to visual decks in a creative collaborative process designed to translate photo goals into desired outcomes.


Photo Shoots

A masterful shooting style, with a focused attention to light, emotion, and depth of field, Annie specializes in establishing a connection to achieve a setting where subjects are relaxed and open to the process. Her years at The School of Visual Arts and internship with a famed portraiture artist shaped her sensibilities for the business. From private commissions, corporate, editorial and agency work, Annie’s clients value her as a trusted creative resource. Images have appeared in editorial and magazine covers - Oprah Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living and Anthology Magazine.

  • Annie was born and raised in the New York City area and is
  • now local to both New York and Florida.